Fugitive Recovery

Bounty Hunters- Fugitive Recovery Agents
The FUGITIVE RECOVERY TASK FORCE specializes in high risk nationwide fugitive retrieval, prisoner transportation, and criminal extradition services. We are staffed by former- law enforcement, military contractors, ex-military professionals and trained individuals. All agents are certified and have undergone a specialized training process.

The Fugitive Recovery Task Force offers Bail Enforcement services specializing in exonerating bail bonds by apprehending and surrendering the fugitive who is currently released on bond and has either failed to appear as ordered or has the bond revoked by the bondman or co-signer.

Our goal at FRT is protecting your liability by exonerating your bonds. We are committed to our clients and conduct our recovery assignments with complete professionalism.                                                                                     

All of Fugitive Recovery Task Force agents have undergone training and a thorough screening selection process, to insure that they meet our standards in training and capability. All training includes but is not limited to certification on firearms, chemical weapons, impact weapons, tactical handcuffing, and verbal communications skills. Since the Fugitive Recovery Task Force specializes in high risk nationwide fugitive retrieval, prisoner transportation, and criminal extradition services, we are staffed with only the best prior- military contractors and ex-military professionals.

The Fugitive Recovery Task Force also provides the services necessary to enforce the provision of bail and private probation bonds, residential confinement, electronic monitoring and suspended offender supervision programs in accordance with federal and state laws..

Our Fugitive Recovery Service area includes all 50 states and U.S. Territories. This means that the FRT can contract for your case and has fully licensed agents and investigators prepared to handle the job nationwide and in the U.S. Territories.